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‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

-Acts 20:35 ESV

As some of you might know, I run a fitness/health blog that has been decently successful, so when I found a $2,500 scholarship that is awarded to the person who directs the most traffic to their website, I figured I might as well try to use my influence on that blog to win. So I made the post and sent out some messages asking for help and I did get some support – which is awesome! However I had one follower (I assume) who messaged me suggesting I offer promotions (like a shoutout for you twitter fans) to people for posting messages on their blogs or clicking. I thanked her for the idea but said that I take my promotions very seriously and only promote people who I see as a positive helpful influence for my followers… Her reply was that “it is the least you could do”. I was pretty angry about this. Obviously she’s entitled to her opinion but I was offended she was implying I don’t already do things for my followers. Her next message is included:

You’re just a weight loss blog and honestly you’re lucky people even clicked on it. It’s just tumblr what do you possibly do for your followers? give out health advice? we can get that anywhere. get over yourself dude its not anyones job to help you with your education

That’s how she feels (which is fine, she has a right to) but I strongly disagree with her. I run my blog for my followers so according to her I’m not giving them anything, and I should delete it. All I’m asking is a little help paying for my education through literally a minute of their day. 3 clicks of a mouse. Two to visit the link and one to reblog the post. All of that aside though, the real reason I shared this quote is to point out her last line, “it’s not anyone’s job to help you with your education.” So keep that in your mind while you continue reading.

I’m the type of person who loves volunteering. I would make 5 or 6 posts that publish throughout the next few days and maybe even message people myself… Because it’s my job? No, because God called us to love one another and to help one another. I would never ever say someone had to help me, because they don’t. That being said though what would the world be if we all lived by this only-with-benefits helping?

Obviously there are some AMAZINGLY giving people out there. There are people near and far that blow me away with their willingness to help others. And I didn’t make this post to complain or call everyone on the planet a bad person, I honestly just wanted to call attention to the fact that every single one of us needs more incentive than we should in order to help each other. No judgement really allowed though because I fall under that category too… We all do.

So next time you see a chance to help someone, look to God who gave up everything so that we could all know him and not burn forever in Hell, and give up a few minutes of your day (or a few dollars out of your pocket) to help.

God Bless and do something nice for someone today and tomorrow!